Celebrating the anniversary of Beta Sigma Phi and the city that made it “International” – beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


August 25-28th, 2022



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90 Years and Still Blooming

Your Sisters in the twelve Area Councils surrounding beautiful Vancouver are ready and waiting to welcome you – come join us, let’s celebrate together “90 YEARS –  AND STILL BLOOMING!”



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Join with Sisters from around the world, to celebrate 90 years of Sisterhood in one of the world’s most beautiful cities: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada where Canada Alpha put the “International” in

Beta Sigma Phi in 1936!

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Scheduling of events for the weekend

Click on each day (tabs) and on the arrows below to view more information posted for the days/times.

Please be advised that we have been asked to remind Sisters travelling from the U.S.  that Canada has strict gun laws. Personal weapons and/or other personal protection devices are prohibited in Canada and could quite likely be confiscated and destroyed.

Welcome to the Convention

Welcome to Vancouver! You will be met in the Lobby by members of our Hospitality Team.
When you have checked in, they will direct you to the Convention floor

Registration Chair Colleen Barber will open the Registration Desk at 2:00 p.m. – and the party starts!

Stay, mix and mingle – and get to know your Sisters.

Fun entertainment will start around 3:30 p.m. – dance, sing along, laugh and be merry! The bar will be open! The Hospitality Team will introduce themselves and help you get acquainted with our city! All our local members will be happy to recommend places for you to get dinner, or let you know where they are going – because you are invited along!

The Registration Desk will close at 6:00 p.m.
We’ve only just begun ….

Registration desk open at 7am

Meet your guide in the Lobby for a bit of fresh air and exercise.
Suggested Dress: Does your Council or Chapter have a “unit dress?”
This is the morning to show your colours! Wear your Unit Dress to Breakfast!

Vendors – The Area will be available for set-up between 6:00 a.m. and 7:30 a.m.

Storage is also available close by when the marketplace is

Come get a nutritious full breakfast.

So much to do, but if you would like to organize a get-together for On-line Chapter members or Facebook Friends – we can help you do that.

Otherwise, there’s no place better than to shop, see the sights, enjoy the City, than Vancouver! Our Hospitality Team is available with ideas and directions!

Make sure you’re back in time for the 85th Anniversary of Beta Sigma Phi becoming “International” – it
happened right here, in this hotel …..get ready to party!

Tonight we celebrate the 85th anniversary of Beta Sigma Phi becoming an
International Organization in Vancouver British Columbia.

COCKTAILS at 5:00 pm
MARKETPLACE IS OPEN 5:00 p.m. – 6:00 pm
Ballroom doors open at 6:00 pm
Suggested Dress: Dressy Casual – please no jeans or shorts

Beta Sigma Phi became an International organization when just one woman, who had grown up in Vancouver, moved with her family to Oakland, California in 1934. She was initiated into Beta Sigma Phi in October, 1934, returned to Vancouver in 1935 and brought Beta Sigma Phi with her.One woman shared with just five others, and Beta Sigma Phi International was formed on August 28, 1935. By September, 1936 there were 22 members in Alpha Chapter, Vancouver and six members of Alpha then moved to form Beta Chapter, Vancouver and so we bloomed! Earlier in 1936 the first Ritual of Jewels degree had been conferred on the members of Alpha Chapter and that Ritual night was held at the Hotel Vancouver at a cost of $1.50 per person Tonight we honour Orilla Billings, Alice Keenleyside, Jean Story, Isobel Story and Elsie Conrad – they held the Torch high, they gave us a legacy and a challenge….keep the Torch burning bright – bloom like our beautiful rose!

Suggested Dress for the evening: Dressy casual, BUT no Jeans or Shorts, thank you!

The Entertainment will be fabulous – that’s a promise!


Meet your guide in the Lobby for a bit of
fresh air and exercise

Suggested Dress: It would be nice to see our banquet hall full of
our colours, let’s have a sea of “Black and Gold (Yellow).”

Suggested Dress for the morning: let’s wear “OUR” colours – black and yellow (or gold)

Be back in time to get ready for the Grand Anniversary Gala

The 90th Anniversary Gala Banquet

Suggested Dress: We have a reason to ask you to wear all black, dressy black preferred – but we think you’ll like the result!

This evening our International Members of Distinction will be honoured,
but it’s a very special evening for all, a grand celebration of 90 years and a determination to keep our Rose of Friendship blooming!

It is hoped that all will dress in Black for our Gala – there’s a reason – really! You are asking: “Why?”

The answer: “You will find the answer in your Registration Package!” It’s the Gala – Dressy Black is the call!

Fantastic Evening Entertainment!

Spouses attending this event are asked to dress in suit and tie – contact the Registration Chair for Dinner charge.

Dress as you like and enjoy a full breakfast with your sisters!
We will not have a guided walk today.

Arrangements for those requiring transfer to the Cruise Terminal will be announced

We don’t really ever say good-bye to a Sister, we may not see you again for a while, but you are in our hearts, this Sisterhood is so full of love, you know there is always a Sister near….. so as you go back to your homes take with you the Rose of Friendship, the rose the starts as a new bud, every year, and grows to the beautiful full blown gorgeous flower that we all love – keep blooming – year after year – don’t let the bloom fade – be refreshed by gathering together as often as you are able – in Chapter, in Council, at Conclaves and Conventions – arrive as a beautiful bud, share and learn in new friendships and then go bloom and keep blooming – from the 90th Anniversary Convention Committee – we send you on your way with many thanks for coming to Vancouver, with much love and sincere appreciation for your participation this weekend and with our very best wishes for a safe journey and a most blessed road ahead!



The days ahead…here are the highlights! THURSDAY afternoon Registration and entertainment all in the same space.  FRIDAY a.m.  Grand Opening, wear your unit dress!  FRIDAY p.m.  “So much to celebrate!” Let’s Party Vancouver style!  SATURDAY a.m.  Morning forum,  wear “our”colours, black and yellow (gold)!  SATURDAY p.m.  GALA ANNIVERSARY BANQUET – we have a reason to ask you to wear dressy  black!  SUNDAY a.m. “Beginning Day Sunday” International Guest, In Memoriam , Closing Ritual….keep blooming….are you finishing your visit with a cruise to Alaska?   LOTS OF GREAT ENTERTAINMENT, FRIENDSHIP AND FUN!  



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Questions about registration and events

Convention Chair: Lynn Turner at bspstillblooming2021@gmail.com

Registration and Marketplace Table Reservations: Colleen Barber at cbarber.artist@gmail.com